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Helmet Hair’s TOP TEN: 
Ways to Tame Helmet Hair
(Yeah, we said it!)

So many times we’ve been approached with the ultimate question for women riders “How do you handle Helmet Hair?” And our usual response is “Embrace it.’’ But for our namesake, we felt it our duty to explore the real options to mane taming



#1 Classic Bandanna

What’s more empowering than giving the finger to helmet ravaged hair than adorning it with your club’s own colors? The classic bandanna comes in a plethora of shades and styles to satisfy all your patch holder’s needs. In addition to a head wrap, this multi-use article transforms instantly into a face covering handkerchief to expose your outlaw side.



#2 Pink Ribbon Doo Rag   

For those motorcycling for a purpose, you can tame your tresses with a support doo rag. Make your solution to helmet hair an expression of your beliefs and causes, be it Breast Cancer Awareness, Supporting the Troops or Saving the Whales! Easy to wear and pre-designed to fit the shape of your head, the doo rag will make your statement known.



  #3 Military Cap    

Conquer helmet hair with confidence and simplicity with a traditional baseball or Vavavroom military cap. Donned by the masses, this beloved head garment is a constant companion in many a gal’s gear bag because its notorious for being easy to stash and even easier to wear.



#4 Style Saver Scarf  

Let your feminine side guide you. The Style Saver Scarf is made from satin fabric to help keep hair full and flatness at bay. This traditional technique is derived from a concept your grandmother used by sleeping with a satin pillow case on the head to maintain big locks. Fast forward… umm… thirty years to apply on helmet hair. Bingo! The feminine mystique rules again.



  #5 Natural Raffia Cowgirl Hat 

Challenged to a duel by both the sun and squashed curls? Face off both of these foes with country attitude and style by boasting a Girlee Biker Cowgirl Hat! Just grab from your saddlebags and go! You’ll be smoking hot while maintaining your cowgirl cool.



#6 Hair Glove    

A Biker’s hair dilemma solved! An essential alternative to rubber bands and scrunchies, the Hair Glove fits over your ponytail to snaps your locks in place instantly guarding against wind damage, tangles and knots. These leather wonders come in a variety of styles decorated with crystals, studs, and feathers keeping function in mind with fashion. Hair



  #7  Helmet Hoods  

Scooteristas unite! Finally, a modish aviator-esque hood that would make Amelia Earhart giggle while she rides. The Helmet Hood is reversible, sporting an array of neat-o patterns for a savvy chic appearance on and off your scoot. Guaranteed to keep your hair free from whips and whirls -mission accomplished! Helmet



#8  Studded Headbands 

After a long day out on a Bike Run, sometimes a girl just wants to add a little poof to her coif. Thunderwear Headbands are the perfect accessory -- just slide on forehead…Viola, instant lift! Throw in some studs or bling on the band and your rally ready in no time.



  # 9  Mragz        

Have ultra long, lovely locks? Do not fret my dear, hair protection is here! M Ragz designed an extra long doo rag that ranges from 28” to 36” in length to keep your goddess-like mane in glorious condition. Perfect to grab, go and groove.



#10  Skelanimals Beanie  

This isn’t your ordinary beanie, no, this beanie has moxy! Why not tackle mush-mash hair post ride with a time honored beanie, but try it with more attitude. Adding ears and creepy, goth-like creatures screams “helmet hair is no match for me!” These hip hats feature a cotton/spandex blend that accommodate all seasons.


























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