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April-June 2009  


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Helmet Hair
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Heloise's Household Hints...
for motorcycles!
The Video
photo credit: Becky Shimek
Didn't get enough of famed Queen of Household Hints, Heloise? Well do we have a vid for you! She rides, she hints, and she hams it up for us all! 
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Glasgow Riding Boot












Coming Soon!
July-September Issue 2009  


Sneak Peek:

  • Audio Interview: Gina Woods, Queen of Motorcycle Chat, celebrates 12 years with Open Road Radio. Listen up!
  • Culture: We are pleased as spiked punch to welcome Jessica Prokup, MIC's marketing guru and Rock Moto host, to HH's contributor's lineup. Her first installment dissects the 'oh-so-many facets to being a motorcycle mentor.' 
  • Plus see who made our TOP TEN list of fiction motorcycle writers, find inspiration in the Road Goddess Guide, join us on our Can-Am Spyder demo ride, and read articles, stories, and tid bits you won't find anywhere else. Ever!


In This Issue: 


Video Interview: Jessica Prokup
We asked Jessica to turn the camera on herself to share how her latest efforts as the marketing voice for the Motorcycle Industry Council are connecting women and young people to the sport. Watch the video!  



Road Goddess Guide: Mind Before Motorcycle
Did you know that among motorcyclist that wind noise is the leading cause of hearing loss due to long distance riding at highway speeds where the wind is constant and loud? Get skooled in The Guide.


  Top Ten: Ways to Tame Helmet Hair  (yes, we said it!)               So many times we’ve been approached with the ultimate question for women riders “How do you handle Helmet Hair?” And our usual response is “Embrace it.’’ But for our namesake, we felt it our duty to explore the real options of mane taming.


Pink- The New Black and Hope for Women
The Harley's Angels combine their collective resources to produce a labor of love felt 365 days a year. Read about their 'Cruz'n for A Cure' fundraising efforts to benefit breast cancer awareness and research.


Women's Motorcycle Show Recap
Helmet Hair hosted its first event for female riders in our own backyard. Check out all the fun expressed thru pictures. 


Dream Ryder: Quickest Female Prostreet: check!  Spank'n some Gadson butt on the track: check plus!      
In 2008 Eunice Parrish became the Worlds Quickest Female on a Prostreet Bike. Learn how she got there and read her most recent showdown with racing great, Kawasaki's Ricky Gadson.


Reader's Story: Going three-way cause that's how she rolls
Did you know that approximately one third of trike riders are women, more than three times the industry average? HH Reader Julia Foley shares her knowledge and passion for three wheels.


Letter From the Editors:

Reliable Resources 

A metamorphosis is occurring in the world of motorcycling.   As the Industry shifts to a downsize mode, a new opportunity actually blossoms for women riders. Noted as its fastest growing consumers, the market is now placing more focus on us. So what can we do to make the most of this potential? 

The short answer: combine resources. Yes, in fact, after four years of plugging away at this ezine, the most valuable tool we owe our growth to is your willingness to share knowledge and ideas thus creating awareness of a market we had faith would one day take full bloom. We just didn’t realize it would gain strength in such precarious times.  

There are a multitude of women sharing resources for the simple goal of getting our voices heard. One of those speaking up, Jessica Prokup, has our growing numbers in mind as the Marketing Director of the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC). We asked Jessica to turn the camera on herself to share how her latest efforts are connecting women and young people to the sport of motorcycling.  

In this anniversary issue, we also cover other ways women in the motorcycle community have been known to combine their resources; and for one such group, The Harley’s Angels, it takes ‘365 days a year’ before their collective labor of love is revealed. Plus read all your favorites including the Road Goddess Guide, TOP TEN, and watch our campy video “Heloise’s Household Hints…for motorcycles,” proving once again that vinegar is still a reliable resource.

Happy Spring Riding!
Becky & Cara Mae
Helmet Hair
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July 5, 2009: 

Under Our Helmet

Cruizin' for CASA Kids
Win a Harley!
The countdown is on for a chance to win a Harley for only $20!
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